Point Horizon Marketing


Strategic PlanningStrategic initiatives fail more often than they succeed. More than 80% of organizations fail to execute strategies successfully. This is intolerable and it doesn’t fly with us!

Our planning & execution processes and technologies equip leaders to achieve breakthroughs in their ability to lead their organizations, establish clear measures from which to gauge their progress, and, most important, follow through to completion.

Our processes are time tested, research based, and meshed with our unique understanding of human nature, accelerated adult learning, and lasting behavior change.

In our years of experience, we found that the most frequent and common barriers that we help our clients overcome are:

  1. Senior management team not buying-in to leadership directives
  2. Senior management team not working together on organization or department level changes
  3. People accepting the directives of leadership, but ultimately acting on their own
  4. People losing focus on the big picture over the course of time and concentrating primarily on their day to day tasks
  5. Crises management and frequent interruptions taking the place of priorities

Organizational agility, the ability to respond and change direction without impacting business performance or losing momentum, can make the difference between success and failure. Leaders of many organizations - large and small, public and private, profit and nonprofit, start-up and established  - come to us because they want their people buying-in, working together, and following through on their leadership directives, organizational changes, and strategic business goals. They refuse to accept the 80% rate of failure.